Brownie Cups

I was craving something sweet and was limited to what I had in the pantry. I was in one of those, heck no, not going to the store moods that we all sometimes fall into. I immediately thought of brownies since I have some Hershey's Special Dark cocoa powder (hence the midnight darkness of the baked goods below) to use up. And once you have a brownie craving, you have to indulge yourself!

I followed a Minimalist Baker recipe and was dubious since the batter was not at all what I was used to. Usually you can pour/scrape liquidy brownie batter into a pan. Nope. This was like play-doh and I had to push it into the cupcake tin to fill the mold. The picture on the recipe page looked liquidy, so I'm not sure what went "wrong" here.

Twenty two minutes later however, I was pleasantly surprised. These brownie cups with almond slices tasted exactly like delicious brownies, and had a nice fudginess in the center and edge-like texture all around the side. They might look dense, but I can assure you these were nearly perfect. I definitely would make these again if I'm looking to make a small batch (6 pieces) of brownies instead of a whole tray!