Kombucha Tasting

For those of you new to the blog, it's no secret that I really enjoy a nice glass of crisp kombucha. It's sweet and tasty but much healthier than soda (and filled with probiotics too). When I took a road trip around the country last year, I made sure to try the local booch. Each brand has a unique signature. I recently had a friend over and we had a kombucha tasting. I drink kombucha whenever I can get my hands on it, while my friend only had it once before and was not sold on it before the tatsing...but I think this night might have changed her mind from kombucha-skeptic to kombucha-acceptance!

Buddha's Brew Blueberry: An old standby. Buddha's Brew is always tasty, and I've even had it on-tap. I always recommend booch lovers try the drink from the tap at some point, because it just amplifies the taste and fizz. For this flavor: must love blueberries! It's slightly heavy on the sweet notes, but tastes like real fruit. Lightly fizzy. 

Holy Kombucha Texas Pear: The Holy Kombuca prickly pear flavor has always been my favorite. They've changed their bottle and renamed it from prickly pear to Texas Pear. So I included it in the tasting because I had to be sure that it was still the same formulation!! I do indeed believe it is the same flavor, just rebranded. Hurrah! There is a real nice fizz and it's tart. I want prickly pear flavored everything because it's so good

K Tonic Golden Flower: When did this come on the market!?! Another kombucha from Austin, TX? I have never seen this brand before, and when I saw it at Central Market in Houston a few days ago, I snatched it up. Flavor number 4 contains chrysanthemum, orange peel and licorice. Honestly, I got it for the floral aromas and didn't notice it had licorice (which I'm in general not a fan of). Turns out, I don't taste the licorice, it's all floral. This had a huge head when poured, like a beer-y foamy head but the booch itself was relatively fizz free. I really liked this flavor, and I definitely want to try flavors 1 through 3!**

*The Vegan Experimentalist's winning flavor
**Friend's winning flavor

The lineup