Something I Tried: Sinfull Bakery Coconut Dream Bar

Yesterday I was at Phoenicia Foods picking up some lunch: fresh pita, housemade baba ganoush, apricot orzo salad, and cold lentil salad. It was a feast! To top it off I picked up the Coconut Dream Bar baked by Houston vegan bakery, Sinfull (they aren't a storefront, but you can find them at a few specialty shops, farmer's markets, and lots of local coffee shops around town). I am actually surprised I had never had this flavor before...I think their Everything Bar with pecans is more popular. However, I really prefer this: I'm all about the moist, chewy bar with coconut shreds and decadent chocolate chips. While it's not exactly healthy, I feel better about this than eating their sinful cookies. I will definitely be getting this delicious treat for myself again!

Sometimes you just need to relax with a coloring book and some vegan baked goods: