Tonight I Dined: Nu Vegan Cafe

Last week when I took a quick trip to visit my sister in Washington DC and she surprised me with a tour of the NPR studios. Afterwards we were hungry and needed a lunch as awesome as the morning. She recommended that we try Nu Vegan Cafe for lunch because she had seen the College Park location and always wanted to try! We made our way from the rail line about a 15 minute walk to the Georgia Ave location. Once inside, we made our way to the back of the restaurant  where there is a hot food section with entrees and sides and a huge selection of cold sides and an awesome dessert case.

I had the 3 cold sides platter with red curry tofu, ginger collard greens and southwestern potato salad. Wow, just wow to the whole meal...the tofu had the perfect chewy texture and the sauce had just the right amount of spice, the collards were so unique with the zip of ginger and a little sweetness to take away the bitter bite, and the potato salad was filling and flavorful but not heavy. I got an Oreo cheesecake slice to go and ate it over the next two days because it was huuuge. Go get yerself some!!
Ginger Collards, Red Curry Tofu, and 
Southwestern Potato Salad
Sister's platter: kale salad, Israeli couscous, 
chick'n salad 
Cold selection...vegan mouth watering
The Space