Something I Tried: Daiya Supreme Pizza

I've been craving pizza a bit more since my pub trivia team usually orders a pizza every Monday. However, it is expensive to get take away pizza from my favorite Pink's, too often so I opted to try Daiya Supreme Pizza. It will run you about $7-$8 and you can find it in your frozen section of Sprouts or Whole Foods.

Preheat the oven. Then wait about 10 minutes as your pizza cheese bubbles away and you look longingly into the oven...

The positives: love, love, love the tasty toppings of vegan sausage, mushrooms and peppers (I can't get the fake meat from Pink's). And of course the Daiya mozzarella cheese is amazing. The cons: the gluten free crust did not crisp up, and it was hard and difficult to cut and bite into... The verdict: for a bake at home pizza this tastes pretty good. Would definitely get it again and maybe next time I'll adjust the baking time and temp to achieve a nicer crust!
4 servings?...Let's just say 1 me serving