Tonight I Dined: The Land of Kush

I can't believe this is my first The Land of Kush post, because I've stopped by several times times over the past few years. See the pic below for me posing during my first visit (throwback!). LOK is a vegan soul food restaurant, similar to Nu Vegan in that most things are pre-made and they plate your selection. That means it's fast. I likey.

You can get a main and sides, but I opted for the 3 sides platter with potato salad, live kale, and coconut curry cabbage. The cold potato salad is slightly sweet, with lots of dill and a fresh, crunchy bite from bell pepper. There is plenty of sauce...bonus because I can dip the other sides in (or grab a piece of their cornbread and have at it).

Now lets get to that kale, it is a cold garlic kale salad. Yeh, I do believe you've seen me eat garlic kale before, it's definitely a fave. My standard of comparison is Sunshine's in Houston. Sunshine has much more of a pungent raw garlic flavor...this kale is much more mellow and the garlic has a roasted flavor, which I like a lot. Dipping the greens in the potato salad sauce was extra.

The one warm side I got was the coconut curry cabbage. The cabbage is cut into thin strips with cloves of garlic, spices and smothered in a thin creamy sauce. I don't mean 'thin' sauce in a bad way, I'm just noting that coconut sauces can be thick and stewy...which would overwhelm the vegetables in this preparation. This is excellent as it is. Cooked but still crunchy. Cabbage-y but full of flavor (in a non-spicy curry way, I should mention).

If you're into dessert they had plenty of vegan cake including pineapple upside down and sweet potato. Yes please.
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