Tonight I Dined: Ripe Cuisine

Houston is less than a 2 hour drive to the Louisiana border, and with that proximity, you can find dozens of Cajun food joints. Unfortunately, none of these establishments cater to vegans (maybe plant-based eaters can order sweet potato fries and a beer...). But I've had vegan poboys in New Orleans at Seed and Killer Poboys, so I know they are one of the best sammiches ever created.

Enter Houston food truck Ripe Cuisine. I've had Ripe a handful of times, and they feature a menu of 4 staple entrees, some sides, and a rotation of weekly specials. When I saw that last week the special was a poboy, I hopped over to Black Hole Coffee House to pay them a visit.

The Southern Gent poboy was filled with cornmeal crusted fried okra and cauliflower, lettuce, tomatoes, truck-made pickles, and remoulade. Did you hear me...I said fried okra?!! The okra was decadent and for sure my favorite part of the sandwich. The veggies were cold and crisp, and the pickles nice and sour. The creamy remoulade sauce was divine and gave a little spice to give the sandwich extra interest. My only comment is that the roll was more dense than I like my poboy bread to have. That made it hard to squish together to fit in my mouth, while a lighter and airier bread would accommodate the squish. No matter though, it all got in my mouth at the end of the day (fingers or fork, take your pick!).