Something I Tried: J. Luehders Vegan Soft Candy

Up next, a review of a vegan German-made candy/gummy!! I actually picked this pack up from a Kroger in Houston, so maybe you will be able to find it near you in the states too. It was $1.50, which is reasonable, especially if you intend on sneaking them into a movie theater. Save that dough.

These J. Luehder gummies are exotic fruit flavored...but I threw away the package, and my tongue is not that good at identifying flavors in candy. It's not a bad palette thing, it's just shenanigans like apple is sometimes made with white grape juice. You feel me on that one?

Despite the fact that I can't tell you what fruits these tasted like, it was very fruity because it's made with 20% juice. The flavor was delicious, but it encountered the pitfall of most gelatin-free candy...the texture is not just sink your teeth in and that's it. It was good though for what it was, and if you like this, they have 2 other flavors. Btw, if you're looking for something chewier check out Mamba or Sour Patch Kids.