Tonight I Dined: Wiz Kid

OMG it's here...the review I've been waiting to write! Wiz Kid in Philly is the newest creation of Rich Landau and Kate Jacoby. I know the work of this vegan restauranteur duo from the now shuttered Horizons (see pic below for me at Horizons circa summer 2010), and these two do plant-based cuisine right.

I went to the Wiz Kid location in the Whole Foods on Pennsylvania Ave. This isn't a restaurant, it's an all-vegan food stall amongst some other food stalls. I got the signature Wiz Kid cheezesteak that was stuffed with seitan, mushrooms, caramelized onions, and rutabaga cheeze wiz. I grew up in the Philly burbs and my dad's family is from South Philly. I know a thing or two about the makings of a good steak sandwich. There are so many things right with this sandwich. Let me count the ways:

1. Seitan--sliced thin, and almost crumbly...exactly how I used to eat 'em in my pre-vegan days. It's super well seasoned with salt and pepper, as it must be.
2. Caramelized onions--necessary for any cheezesteak worth it's weight, and very well executed here.
3. Greasy--yes, authentic Philly steaks are on the greasy side. They got this right. Thank you for not being healthy.
4. Cheeze wiz--wonderful, I couldn't' tell it was made from vegetables. Not that that's bad, but in this application I wanted authenticity...and I got it. 

The only thing I must criticize is the bread. The hoagie roll needs to be a nice, light and airy roll. This was too dense and the grease made it break apart. A good roll soaks in the grease like a sponge and adds to the experience.