A Tale of Two Falafel

It's a chickpea showdown when two pre-packaged falafel sandwiches go head to head. Who will be the victor? 

Before we begin, I want to note that he falafel in pre-made sandwiches is dry and completely unlike fresh fried falafel. This may sound unappealing, but I loveeee them for what they are. I would never pair pre-packaged and fresh in a showdown because it's comparing apples and oranges. Let's proceed.

First up is Asmar's Falafel sandwich. This sandwich was purchased at Whole Foods and includes a container of tahini. The sandwich is short but wide and stuffed with falafel and crunchy green cabbage. The falafel is really well seasoned with a nice spice. The tahini is my hero, because it tastes incredibly and adds some moisture to the sandwich. 
Next up is Heba's Falafel sandwich. This sandwich was purchased at Mom's Organic Market and includes both a container of tahini and a pickle! How does Heba's know me like that?The sandwich is long and thin and stuffed with small falafel balls. Again, the falafel is seasoned really well, but perhaps needed a dash more salt. Enter pickle. The brininess added the needed saltiness, although I ate it as an accompaniment because I didn't want to pull the sandwich apart to stuff the pickle inside. The tahini is also amazing, and thicker than the Asmar's sesame paste.
The verdict: It's a draw. Both had nearly identical falafel and nice thin pita. The tahinis were both excellent. What Heba's lacked in a bit of saltiness was made up in spades with the inclusion of the pickle. Both sandwiches held together from beginning to end and had great eatability. I will crave both of these equally and can't wait for my next bite of either!