Tonight I Dined: Coco Bean Coffee Shop

Coco Bean Coffee Shop is an all-vegan coffee and light bite spot in Chapel Hill, NC. They have ice cream, sweet and savory baked goods (most of which are gluten-free), and all the plant milks for your beverage (at no extra cost).

I got the chickpea tartini which had chickpeas, peppers, and tomatoes in a flaky pastry crust.  The filling was really herbaceous and had a great texture and the crust was rich and "buttery" and super well seasoned. This was important since the filling wasn't in every bite, some bites were all crust, so it had to be delicious in it's own right! I also got a small peanut butter hot chocolate made with macadamia milk. It was super frothy and sweet, with a hint of peanut butter. 

The space inside Coco Bean is small, but has a few tables to study and enjoy your pastry. There are also quite a few tables outside if it's a nice day. Major props for this 100% vegan cafe option, but I do wish that they baked or prepared some items in-house. While they source extremely tasty and great quality food, it would be nice to have a warm option like a Belgian waffle made while you wait!