Something I Tried: Capital Kombucha

Today I'm reviewing Capital Kombucha, and you got it, it's brewed in our nation's capital. You can purchase it as north as NYC and as south as Virginia Beach, and I found it in a Baltimore Safeway. Capital Kombucha has a line of 10 tea flavors, although about half of them aren't vegan friendly as they contain honey. So make sure to read the ingredients (come on vegans, this is your impulse anyway!).

I tried the strawberry flavor which is sweetened with agave. It's delicious, and lightly berry-y with a subtle fizz. This is mild would be a solid kombucha for someone who doesn't like that vinegar-y taste. This is super refreshing on a hot day and would pair well with most foods, although I don't think it would hold up to something spicy.