Tonight I Dined: Morningstar

Morningstar always ranks as one of the best coffeeshops in Houston. It's extra awesome for me, because they are the only purveyor of vegan yeast donuts in town! They usually have 4 to 5 flavors, which sometimes includes a fritter. They have only been serving them a few months now, and I hope they never stop!

This time I ordered the matcha and strawberry glazed. There's not much to say about the perfect donut. When you bite into it, you just know. The texture, the flavor, the size...are all on point for Morningstar donuts. They aren't especially sweet, and so whatever flavor the glaze brings is mild and compliments the fried goodness.

Morningstar also serves up vegan-friendly drink options and a few savory entrees. Their hours are limited and I never made it for a meal, but from what I've seen, look delicious!