A Cupcake Review

I stopped by the Whole Foods on South Street in Philly to check out their beloved bakery case. This was my go-to place in college for baked goods, and something that I missed while in Houston (yes there are Whole Foods, but the bakery selection is weak sauce). I would walk 2.5 miles one-way to the store, so I deserved a cupcake every time I went gosh darn it.

This time I got the chocolate mint cupcake. I was excited about how voluminous it was, more food for me!...but was disappointed when I cut into it and saw that it was literally 3/4 icing (see pic below). I definitely couldn't eat the whole thing because that was way too much, but the icing was delicious with a nice texture (it could be more minty though). There were chocolate chips sprinkled throughout and the most amazing chocolate ganache drizzled on top, which were both excellent touches. The cake itself was moist and really flavorful, and even with the lopsided icing to cake ratio, I'd eat this again (of course I would).