Tonight I Dined: Harmony Bakery

Harmony Bakery is an all-veg (and mostly all vegan) bakery off The Avenue in the Hampden neighborhood of Baltimore. They have loaves of bread, savory and sweet pastries, soups, salads, tarts, and burgers.

I ate-in even though it's mostly a to-go place and ordered a quiche and mocha biscotti. I love, love, love a vegan quiche. It's something I don't think I ever had before becoming vegan, but I I'm all about that good noochy faux egg. This quiche was filled with fresh veggies including tomato, spinach, and artichoke. The staff warmed up the quiche in the oven and the filling and crust were just perfect.

Now for dessert. Biscottis are usually rock hard because they're double baked. This one was very soft, and I'm not sure if that was the intention or an effect of it being gluten-free. To be honest since I didn't drink this with coffee or tea, and I loved the untraditional softness (so much easier to eat...I kept all my teeth). The mocha flavor itself was very light and it tasted more chocolatey.

I'll definitely be back for some of their other vegan offerings. Their vegan Caesar salad really caught my eye!
Mocha biscotti
Vegan quiche