Tonight I Dined: Grind House Juice Bar

I stopped by Grind House Juice Bar in Baltimore to order lunch. It's a small vegan shop with juices, smoothies, wraps, and salads. I got the Local wrap, stuffed with veggies and chik'un and your choice of dressing. It was served warm in a tortilla with a side of chips and salsa. Unfortunately when I was there at lunchtime they were out of several dressings (and for those customers ordering smoothies, I overheard they were out of quite a few fruits too). I got the soy ginger dressing and while it was tasty, it was the main flavoring of the wrap, and that's not what I was looking for. Maybe if the chik'un or veggies had some seasoning of their own it would combat the overpowering dressing. Overall, the wrap was solid, but uninteresting.

The highlight of the visit was the donut (of course) from The Donut Alliance. I got a pink lemonade yeast donut, a first for me! There was no description, but my taste buds determined that it was a tart lemon glaze with the crushed, freeze dried raspberries as the pink dusting. I loved the tartness instead of a rich sweetness  on the donut, it was impossibly delicious!