Something I Tried: Fresh Tofu Inc No-Egg Salad

I'm a lover of vegan "egg" salad (i.e. slightly obsessed). I had OG egg salad in my pre-vegan days and I remember that while I liked the texture of the whites, the hard boiled egg yolks were always so dry. To combat the dryness, tons of mayo had to be added to traditional egg salad. This made me feel heavy and too much mayo is yuck to me. In the vegan version, tofu already brings an awesome texture and moisture. It will never be dry! And thus tofu egg salad reigns supreme. I just wish I could find it in any deli case...

The makers of this "No-Egg" salad is Fresh Tofu Inc, a company out of Allentown, PA. That's my home-state so I no problem finding their products when I was younger in and around Philly. I have not seen their No-Egg salad in years, and was ecstatic to find it in the refrigerated section of Mom's Organic Market.

I love food, but it is rare that after each bite of something I utter involuntary mmms, ooohs, and whoas. But this salad my friends, evokes such a reaction. Everything about this makes it my dream food: texture, flavor, and it's versatile as a chip/bread dip or as a sandwich. It is light, creamy, but also turns the dial up on flavor. The tofu is in a tofu mayo and is flavored with mustard, parsley, dill, and celery seed. Yumm. It's devastatingly hard for me to describe what makes it one of the most delicious foods to ever tingle my tastebuds, so I must say admit defeat and just say to pick up a container for yourself!