Tonight I Dined: Seed

This is my second time visiting the renowned 100% plant-based Seed restaurant in NOLA. The first time I went for their brunch...and of course I indulged in their vegan beignets and by the end had the powdered sugar all over mah face! This time around I struggled with the lunch menu, hmming and hawwing because everything looked so damn good. I ended up ordering the eggplant poboy...and was super pleased with the decision. The thin piece of eggplant was coated in a delicious cornmeal breading and fried up...the thinness allowed all the guilty fried taste in and had none of the watery/foamy/seedy texture I usually expect from this purple veg.  And of course the bread was on point because, well it's a poboy in New Orleans and they deliver on that crispy, light and airy roll. All vegans need to feed their faces at Seed if you're visiting the Big Easy because you're sure to have an awesome vegan comfort food meal.
Bad a** fried eggplant poboy.