Tonight I Dined: Wasota African Cuisine

In a food trailer park in East-ish Austin you will find Wasota African Cuisine. Half the menu is labelled vegan and the offerings are some tasty combination of rice, spinach, plantains, black eyed peas, cabbage and fritters. There are also a few sandwiches and a yam soup. I ordered the V14 and OMG the tomato stew sauce (I got mild, but you can opt for spicy which has hot peppers!) changed my life. Everything on that plate was pure gold. The man working there was so nice and requested that we pay after we ate, and only if we liked it. Take mah damn money Wasota, this was delicious, and you are amazing.
V14 Plaintains (kelewele), jollof rice, spinach
 and mild tomato stew