Tonight I Dined: Breads on Oak

I knew Breads on Oak in New Orleans was going to be good before I even stepped inside. The smell wafting from the establishment was amazing...and the plant-based selection inside will blow you away! There are displays upon displays of vegan pastry galore (all labeled!) and a crew of very knowledgable staff behind the counter! I ordered the tofu scramble on a pumpkin "cheddar" biscuit that came served nice and warm from the toaster. The biscuit was soft and everything a biscuit should be, and the tofu had a nice smooth texture. I also got a fruit tart because how could I not, it's such a rare vegan find! The tart had an amazing pastry creme which was slightly sweet and complimented the fresh fruit and crumbly crust. Breads on Oak is the best quality baking I have had in a long time...this will be my new go-to breakfast stop in the Big Easy, and should be yours too!
Breakfast biscuit
Be still my vegan heart...