Hampton Creek Haul: Cookie Edition

I made a Target run across town (H-Town that issss) because the product locator on the Hampton Creek site showed that this location had more than Just Mayo in stock, and all the cool vegans are eating more that mayo nowadays...This Target is not my usual store, but it was worth the drive because I was able to get 5 new products! Here are the details of the haul: cookiewise, I got a box of each flavor, the chocolate chunk and the double chocolate espresso chunk. I also loaded my cart with Caesar dressing, Ranch dressing, and sweet mustard.

The verdict: The cookies taste awesome, the chocolate is a rich flavor and the chunks are distributed nicely throughout the baked good. I like both flavors but the espresso definitely takes the cake, er cookie. The only downside was they are a little dry...not in a bad way, just not in a damn that's a raw cookie way. I was hoping for more of a gooey texture like you find in Alternative Baking Co. products. 

Stay tuned for a review of the dressings!
The merch.
Cookie specimen.