Tonight I Dined: Bouldin Creek

Bouldin Creek is my go-to in Austin when I'm not in the mood for checking out a new spot. Breakfast (served all dayyy), lunch, dinner, dessert or just coffee, BC is where it's at for vegheads. I ordered the Renedict, made vegan. The huge plate included a grilled ciabatta roll cut in two topped with fresh spinach, tofu scramble, slices of house tofu bacon, vegan Hollandaise and scallions. Oh damn, this was hella nooch-y and so freaking good. I mean, I need-this-sauce-recipe good. The portions are always so big, I never can follow up with an item from the pastry case overflowing with vegan baked goods...but next time I'll assume the challenge.
Can't find the plate. That's fine with me.