Tonight I Dined: End of the line

In Pensacola at the End of The Line Cafe on Thursday evenings they are serving up a 3 course vegan dinner (if you want the full menu you'll have to go on another day!). I am not sure if this meal rotates each week, but when I went here's what I chowed down on...the starter was a summer squash soup with crunchy croutons and side salad. I was nervous that some creamy soups can be bland...but this bright soup brought 110% flavor. The croutons were delicious (I think they were rye) and the salad was dressed really well. The main course consisted of lentil stew with mushrooms, tofu, with miso sauce, turmeric carrots and a creamy broccoli slaw. The highlight of the plate was the refreshing slaw, and a clear 2nd place were the lentils! The turmeric carrots were roasted nicely, but since carrots are naturally sweet, the added sweetness was a little too much for my taste. The miso sauce was an interesting flavor atop the tofu and brought a nice umami and saltiness. The dessert was an amazing ginger peach cake. This cake was moist with all the flavors coming through and the icing a wonderful texture and sweetness...and the fruit puree on the plate was so delectable and tart that I wish it was also drizzled (make it rain!!) on top. I'll definitely be back to this vegan establishment to try their sandwiches and coffee drinks (vegan Vietnamese coffee with condensed plant milk anyone??).
Soup and salad.
The Main. You had me at broccoli slaw.
Awww yeah cakey.