Tonight I Dined: Cafe Equator

Cafe Equator near New Orleans is a Thai restaurant that is very veggie friendly...I'm usually hesitant to go with Thai cuisine because fish/oyster sauce seems to pop up in many recipes. But the restaurant gives this note on the menu: Vegetarian items on this list prepared with vegetable stock, no meat or seafood products (ie. fish sauce, or shrimp paste) unless specified. Yay, freedom to enjoy Thai food without having to probe the waiter for ingredient lists and requests to hold this and that! I ordered the basil eggplant with tofu from the large vegetarian section of the menu. The veg was so tender with the delicate flavor of basil imparted in every bite and the tofu was fried and perfectly crispy. The portion was very generous and it came with a side of rice so I left with a full belly and happy heart. Cafe Equator is a great choice for an omni or veg dining experience nearby NOLA!