Something I Tried: Big Easy Bucha

I got my hands on some locally brewed NOLA kombucha at Whole Foods in Metairie, LA. The brand Big Easy Bucha has 4 interesting flavors and I opted for the seasonal Satsuma flavor (gotta get that limited edition hehe). TBH I have never have tasted satsuma in real life, but I expected something citrusy (tangerine-y perhaps?). This kombucha definitely had nice citrus tones, and a little bitter bite (like the taste you get from a citrus peel). The fizz was aggressive (I love that!) and really completed this not too sweet kombucha tea. Next time I'm going for the Cajun Kick flavor with ginger and cayenne (sounds spice-ayyy)...and Big Easy Bucha, could you make this happen by expanding your line into your friendly neighbor Texas? The Lone Star State could use a new fermented brew in town! Hehe.