Tonight I Dined: Sunshine's Deli

I finally made my way to Sunshine's Deli in Houston. I've been seeing on social media so many awesome pics of the food from the deli, especially the vegan nacho plate (omg you gotta see this thing!). But I'm a sucker for a deli case of cold salads so I ordered the raw garlic kale, potato salad and raw brussel sprouts. The verdict: omg the garlic kale! This gets a 10/10. For me, how could something healthy taste so dern good? I think it's all the raw garlic pow...vampires be warned. My second favorite item was the potato salad (8.5/10 for sure), it was so different than the ones I'm used to, but in a very good way. The creamy potatoes are slightly sweet and have an awesome crunch from red bell pepper, I want this again! And finally the brussel sprouts...eaten on their own I think I would have loved them, but compared to the other 2 they were noticeably not as tasty. They were super flavorful, but needed something to shake them up...maybe a liberal dose of my Cholula hot sauce!

PS: I am super obsessed with the garlic kale, and as it turns out I'm trying to increase my intake of raw veg. Since I can't run across town every time I want this, I've made a pretty darn good copycat recipe, which will be up on the blog soon!