Tonight I Dined: Baton Creole

While in Austin, I checked out the Baton Creole food all honesty I was actually on my way to try a ramen place a few blocks away, but they had posted a sign saying they closed early because they ran out of noodles...mmmkay, very disappointed. I walked the walk to the other side of I-35 (there's an underpass) and found the Baton Creole truck serving up Louisiana delicacies with several vegan options offered. I ordered the special, the vegan crabcakes! The crabcakes were super fresh and flavorful were served over a bed of arugula, topped with tomatoes and drizzled with a spicy aioli. There is ample outdoor seating if you can stand the heat! I'm very glad I stopped by to the truck...word on the street is that the beignets are vegan (so y'all know that's what I'm ordering next time!).