Tonight I Dined: Shiraz Shish Kabob

I recently made a trip to College Station, TX, a college town a little less than 2 hours from Houston. I was a bit nervous because I heard that Aggieland (the home of Texas A&M) was not too friendly to vegheads. However, I did some recon on Happy Cow and found an interesting new place to try! At Shiraz Shish Kabob half of the menu is labelled Vegetarian/Vegan...however to order vegan you must ask for no butter and no bread (rice is ok!). I ordered #16 the Abghoost Persian Stew, and the woman working behind the counter was helpful, so I trusted the dish would come out vegan (even though apparently the translation of the dish name means meat water??). For a good price, you get a huge plate of rice, vegetable stew (with chickpeas, white beans, potatoes) and a nice bowl of broth. Everything in the dish was super flavorful and had a great aroma...the broth looks spicy, and is well seasoned, but is not spicy at all. The stew was so creamy...I hope I can find a recipe and make this at home, because it might be my new fave!