Tonight I Dined: Harvest Express

Harvest Express is a small restaurant in the Houston Galleria area that is serving up mainly sandwiches, gyros, and wraps and markets itself as organic fast food. Sadly, there aren't a lot of vegan options, but you can make a create-your-own wrap. I stuffed mine with pretty much all the veggies (you pick them out Subway style) and dressed it with oil, vinegar, salt and pepper. I also ordered a side of their famous baked fries. The wrap was really delicious because I love fresh crunchy vegetables, and the two halves made a nice potion. The baked fries were really not fries at all...they should be called potato wedges (they tasted healthy, and I wasn't really looking for that!). Luckily I had my best friend, ketchup. I would recommend this for vegans only if you're in a pinch while shopping in the mall area.