Tonight I Dined: Pat Greer's Kitchen

I made it out to Pat Greer's Kitchen when I was walking the neighborhoods in Montrose. The kitchen is located in a residential neighborhood in a house with a large garden in the front yard. There isn't a lot of signage, so you need to know what you're looking for. The kitchen offers mostly raw cold prepared foods and some drystuffs. I got the raw Chocolot Peanut Butter mini Pie and the raw Strawberry Geezcake. They are made with cashews, dates, and other natural ingredients, and they are absolutely delicious. But the real star was the Ginger Pear Kombucha, I could drink this everyday. Pat Greer's Kitchen is awesome but has limited hours (so check before you go) or you can find a lot of the products at local farmer's markets and natural food vendors around town.