Tonight I Dined: Senor Veggie

I made a quick trip to Texas Hill country, making sure on the way to and from I popped into both San Antonio and Austin to get some tasty vegan food. In the arts district of San Antonio is Senor Veggie, a fully vegan restaurant with a focus on Latin American favorites (ya know...tacos, empanadas, fajitas, enchiladas), but also has Asian, Italian, and classic Southern flavors on the menu. I ordered the Eggplant Torta. The large sandwich comes with fries (or choose another side for a small upcharge). The grilled bollilo roll was stuffed (I mean stuffed) with a black bean spread, crispy fried eggplant, lettuce, pico, and a peppercorn ranch dressing. The sandwich was awesome, and the salty pico with the crunchy eggplant was a perfect bite. The creamy dressing was just enough to flavor the sandwich and not overpower it. For the side, I got the Mediterranean vegetables, they tasted good, but they were really curry flavored, which didn't pair well with the sandwich (and isn't really Mediterranean, but hey). A simple sautéed veg with nice EVOO and a sprinkle of herbs would have been better than this heavy side...or just get the fries, they would go really well with the torta. Overall, I really enjoyed my meal at Senor Veggie, and I would definitely be back for a meal and to raid their bakery case (it's filled with vegan cupcakes and other goodies).
Eggplant Torta