Tonight I Dined: Falacos Food Truck

Falacos food truck is a vegan, gluten free, falafel ball taco truck based out of a Houston suburb. It doesn't often make appearances in the "inner loop" of H-Town but on Saturday they were at the Heights Epicurean Farmer's Market. Their full menu includes 7 different falafel taco options, but on any given day they are serving up 2 (and some sides, dessert balls and smoothies). I ordered the Texas, a tortilla shell stuffed with dill hummus, 2 falafel balls, fried jalapeƱos and onions topped with a BBQ sauce. This was insanely good...who knew that falafel is the perfect vehicle to serve up southern flavors. The shell was perfectly crispy, and the toppings well chosen (for all the heat averse out there, it wasn't really spicy, so don't ask to hold the fried jalapenos!). So yum. My one issue is the price point, it is $7 per taco (albeit big, it is still a single taco), and with tax and tip it was $9. While these are delicious, I would need to eat 2 for a meal, and that is $$$. If the truck offered something like a 2 tacos for $10 deal, I would be all over that. Either way, with that awesome, delicious twist on a taco, viva la falaco!