Tonight I Dined: La Botanica

I checked out La Botanica on Saturday night...the menu rotates and the items I ordered aren't the staples listed on the website. I ordered the oyster mushroom burrito and the fajita tacos. The descriptions looked amazing, but sadly the food was lacking in taste, quality, and portion size (for the $$ price). There were almost no mushrooms to be seen in the burrito, the rice and tortilla stale, and overall unflavorful...also, this burrito was the size of something off a fast-food dollar menu. The tacos were no better, there was barely any filling and whatever portabello was there was overcooked. Truthfully, I would not serve food that looked like this to a guest in my house, and I'm surprised they are serving this at their restaurant. The one saving grace of the night was the deep fried rice balls with strawberry sauce for $6 (calas). They were really flavorful (but kind of dense and doughy) and filled me up since the meal was so lacking. The cocktail menu looked delicious, but La Botanica is not getting another chance with me.