Something I Tried: Whole Foods Chickenless Nuggets

I picked up a bag of Whole Foods brand vegan chicken nuggets and served them up with some Alexia rosemary potato wedges. The breading was on point and got nice and crispy in the oven. The taste was really great if you like faux meat products, and I think a meat eater might mistake these for the real thing. The only negative was the texture, even though I cooked them as long as the packaging instructed, I thought that it felt a little under (and I don't think that keeping them in longer would solve the issue). Overall, the nuggets were tasty, and I think both kids and adults (hey, I'm one of those) would love these. Plus this is a quick treat with less than 20 minutes from freezer to oven, so I would buy these again for sure.
Ketchup tim-eeee.