Something I Tried: Trader Joe's Pumpkin Rolls

Add another one to our pumpkin product tally...This pumpkin roll has temporarily taken the place of the regular cinnamon rolls on the shelves at Trader Joe's. There are 5 jumbo rolls in the package, and all you have to do is pop them in the oven and then drizzle with the pumpkin icing. The wait was unbearable, because of the enticing smell emanating from the oven (it was just enough, and didn't slap me in the face like the gale force wind that spews out of Cinnabon at the mall...that's too much y'all). And now the verdict: OMG these are so delicious, light and fluffy, with a subtle sweetness, and just enough pumpkin. The icing is way better than regular cinnamon roll icing. I reserve a 10/10 for the ultimate homemade roll, but these came really close in taste, texture, and deliciousness!