Tonight I Dined: Guudbelly

I finally made it out to try Guudbelly at the East End Market in Houston's Eado. This vegan tamale (and other stuffs) stand can also can be found at the Wednesday City Hall Farmer's Market and the Saturday East Side Farmer's Market. They've been selling out like crazy and it's recommended to place an order in advance. I'm too lazy to do that, but I did manage to show up within half hour of opening this morning. They had 3 tamale flavors (1 was already sold out), so I got the other two: royal rumble and ghost chowdah. The royal was stuffed with rice, corn and peppers. It was mild and absolutely delicious with the perfect texture. The ghost chowdah was something so different, a tamale with a creamy, spicy, potato filling. The flavor was absolutely excellent, but on the spicy side for me. Also that's legendary. At $3.50 a pop, it's a pretty good deal for kick ass organic vegan tamales (and some days they also have meal deals). Get yerself some!