Tonight I Dined: Moshe's Golden Falafel

I stopped into Moshe's Golden Falafel in San Antonio, a 100% vegetarian restaurant (but some items contain dairy and there are boiled eggs). It is create-your-own (Chipotle style) where you start with a choice of a pita sandwich or platter with a base of either classic "green" falafel (with parsley and herbs), or spicy "red" falafel (with hot harissa). There are about 20 choices for toppings...I piled on: hummus, Israeli cucumber salad, beets, spicy carrots, zucchini, roasted garlic, fried cauliflower, cold chickpea salad, and Israeli couscous salad. The best thing on the plate was the zucchini, I could snack on that all day. This meal was super delicious, filling, and inexpensive...I wish there was something like this in HTX! Todah Rabah Moshe!
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Classic falafel