Something I Tried: Miyoko's Creamery Double Cream Garlic Herb

I was so excited to find a Miyoko's Creamery cheese on sale at Whole Foods the other day. I have never had this brand because the price is usually between $8.50-$9.50 (although that is totally comparable/cheaper than a dairy cheese price from a fine foods shoppe). The double cream garlic herb soft cheese was $6.50, and so I picked it up (along with some nice bread and strawberries). This cheese comes in a vacuum sealed package and is pretty firm straight out of the fridge, so I scooped some out and let it come to room temperature so it was easier to spread. This cheese is tart, creamy, and heavy on garlic. I never had fancy cheese before going vegan, but who would want the dairy kind when Miyoko's is bringing this kind of flavor. A lot comes in the container, and if you're not sharing it with friends at a wine and cheese party, you may want to get creative with some other uses. I think it would make a good base for an alfredo sauce for pastat (if you add some vegan milk or cream). This cheese is so good, that regardless of the price, I'm trying some of the other cheeses by Miyoko (but on sale, hehe).