Texas Veggie Fair 2016

This weekend was the 7th annual Texas Veggie Fair held in Reverchon Park in the heart of Dallas. The festival was really well attended...good thing for plant based eating, but a bad thing for those who don't like to wait in long lines (ahem, me). 

My first stop was the V-Eats booth, for their now legendary seitan brisket. This vegan meat came in the form of tacos...I never say no to a taco! There were 3 to a plate on soft corn tortillas and the dish was so crispy and flavorful. The herbs combined with the sauce for the most amazing bite!

My second stop was the Down to Earth Food Truck. The vindaloo brown rice bowl was topped with slightly spiced, tart chickpeas and tomatoes served with pita. It was delicious, the flavor was great, but the rice was a little overcooked.

The next stop was Thai Best Signature. I got a veggie roll with dipping sauce. It was nicely fried and the sauce was perfectly sweet and sour. This stand also had vegan pad thai and Boba with Thai Iced Tea and coconut flavors...I should have gotten all of it!

I also got one of my fave fair staples: kombucha on-tap from Holy Kombucha. They had so many options (many more than I usually see bottled around the city)! I got the pineapple caipirhina, and it was lightly sweet and fizzy and incredible! This is an absolutely must.

I also took home a brownie in a donut from vegan bakery Reverie Bakeshop. Not sure if it was supposed to be brownie batter inside a fried yeast donut, or it just was undercooked...either way, I'm not complaining it was lip-smacking good. It's the perfect treat-yo-self fair food (just don't have more than 1...I don't think someone could survive the richness).
Seitan Brisket Tacos @V-Eats
Vindaloo Bowl @Down to Earth Food Truck

Veggie Roll @Best Thai Signature
Chocolate GF cheesecake
Brownie in a doughnut @Reverie Bakery 
Pineapple kombucha @Holy Kombucha