Something I Tried: Bare Bakery

I had heard whisperings of a new bakery in town that catered to paleo, gluten free, and vegan diets. I don't think Bare Bakery has a storefront and so I stopped by their tent at the Heights Epicurean Farmer's Market on Saturday. Not all of the offerings are vegan, but the snickerdoodles are! It was $5 for a pack of 3 soft cookies and I devoured every single one. I personally think that GF baked goods have a very different mouth feel than baked goods with wheat flour, and this snack was no exception. Not that the texture is bad, just different. The flavor was on point, and a lot of that came from the cinnamon on top. The cookies were slightly sweet, and that's great for a healthier alternative. I usually like a sweeter dessert and so I would have preferred cinnamon and sugar on top for both sweetness and a little crunch. Overall this is a great new option for Houstonians that have specialty diets, and I'm glad to see Bare around!