Tonight I Dined: Cinnaholic

When I was in town for Veggie Fair I made the trek to Southlake, TX a northwestern suburb of Dallas. I went because my mouth has been watering over the vegan Cinnaholic cinnamon buns since I heard about the first stores opening in California (years ago!). They have a whole case full of pre-made options on display (if you choose one of these, they make yours fresh!), or you could make a create-your-own with so many icing flavors and toppings to choose from. I opted for the Pecan Praline flavor and... Dammmnn. Like damn....This is one of the best desserts I have ever had in my life. The cinnamon roll was perfection in every way. The cream cheese icing is rich and "buttery", and the nuts are in the most amazing sauce. I would definitely recommend making the drive if you're anywhere in the area, I know I'll be back!