Tonight I Dined: Monkey King Noodle Carrolton

I had visited the Monkey King Noodle location in Dallas' Deep Ellum neighborhood before, but on my most recent trip, I stopped by the Carrolton location just north of the city. On my previous visit I had the Tim Tim's sesame noodles, which were good, but too rich and saucy for me. I opted for something lighter this time and had the edamame dumplings.

It was $7.50 for 10 dumplings, and I was full after eating, so I would say that's a good deal. The dumplings were steamed to perfection and overstuffed with chopped edamame, tomato, and tofu. Both the filling and the wrapper were very flavorful with a nice contrast between the texture of the chewy wrapper and the al dente filling. The dumplings were served with a soy dipping sauce and I also grabbed lotsa sriracha of course.

My only criticism is I wished they had an option for you to choose if they were steamed or fried. But that's me being extra. Yum, yum, yum, I would totally get these again! Check them out at both Big D locations!