Tonight I Dined: Calypso Cafe

I stopped for lunch in Nashville and wanted to try something a little different, and while there is a lot of choice for vegan food, Calypso Cafe caught my attention because it is a Caribbean fast casual restaurant. There are 3 locations around town and I went to the one in East Nashville. The food came super fast and was cheap, and did I mention they label their vegan options??

I ordered the Beans and Three platter: start with the Cuban black beans and select three sides. I opted for Martinique Callaloo, orzo basil salad, and bean-corn salad. The Cuban beans were full of flavor and sprinkled with diced red onion for some extra punch. The callaloo was mustard greens with sautéed tomato and onion, and I had never had something quite like it was delicious. The orzo was prepared cold and it was also flavorful, although not particularly with island flavor profile I was looking for. The cold bean-corn salad was dressed in a cilantro vinaigrette and was crunchy and very well seasoned. For me, that salad could be a meal unto itself. Overall the dish was delicious...but every item (and I do mean all 4) was slightly sweeter than I wanted. Maybe some people will love this, but I like my savory items to be on the salty side. I do recommend checking out Calypso Cafe because it's a great meal for less than 7 bucks in an open space with a very laid back feel.