Tonight I Dined: Paulie Gee's

I caught the end of Baltimore Vegan Restaurant Week, and I was ecstatic to see the long list of participants of both vegan and non-vegan restaurants that were adding (V) items to their menus! I decided to dine at Paulie Gee's in Hampden because I was in a pizza mood, and they've been on my to-eat list for a while.

On the first night of BVRW Paulie Gee's served vegan food exclusively, and I'm so sad to have missed the plant-based takeover! Luckily, they've got plenty of vegan options on their regular menu. My sister had been before and recommended the Red, White, and Greenpeace pizza because I wanted to try their housemade cashew ricotta. Along with the glorious cheezy dollops, the pizza was also topped with fresh arugula, olive oil, and pickled red onions.

The brick pizza ovens are located right in the front of the restaurant and produce piping hot pizza pies (pro tip: if you want a cooler dining experience, head to the back bar that is a few degrees chillier). The crust of the Greenpeace was delicious and chewy and had a bit of char from the oven, and while some may not like that, I love the characteristic crackliness and flavor profile it brings. The pickled red onions were sour of course, but also surprisingly sweet AND spicy. The pickling brine imparted so much flavor to the delicate onion rings, and they were definitely the highlight of the pizza. Each bite of the pie was sumptuous, with a range of textures and flavors pulled together with a drizzle of olive oil. 

If you like gooey mozzarella-style pizza, Paulie Gee's has that too. The vegan cheeze brand they use, PEP Inc., is one I've never tried, and I'd love to try that next time I'm looking for vegan pizza in Baltimore!