Something I Tried: Campbells Well Yes! Soup

I am always psyched to see national brands label their products with the vegan, V. Twitter was all aflutter a few weeks back with the commercial for vegan I Can't Believe It's Not Butter aired on TV. There was a collective cheer for plant-based options becoming more accessible. 

Recently Campbells rolled out a line of Well Yes! soups, that are marketed as more natural with no preservatives. I found the Cajun Red Bean & Vegetable Soup and this flavor happened to be vegan. They have a few other vegetarian soups, but watch out for egg whites in those!

I love soups...but honestly, canned soup aren't as flavorful as my homemade. This was no exception. There were soft veggies, most notably, corn and carrots, and hearty beans. The broth was thick and rich, but the flavor didn't blow me away. It's just ok. Plus it was a missed opportunity for it to have been a rice and beans flavor. I think I would have liked that more. 

This is a solid option for vegans that want a quick, cheap meal or people on-the-go. Also, I found this at Target, so if you're in an area with limited vegan options, this could be for you.