Something I Tried: So Delicious Jack Cheese Shreds

I'm always excited when there's a new vegan cheeze on the block. Especially when it is in the form of convenient shreds to top pizza, baked potatoes, and chili. Today I tried the So Delicious Cheddar Jack, and here's the verdict... 

This is a tough call for me, because I can't tell if I don't love this because I'm used to the taste of Daiya (one of the most popular vegan cheezes on the market), or if it's actually inferior to Daiya shreds**. Now, it's not quite an apples to apples comparison because Daiya doesn't have a cheddar jack, but I have tasted both their cheddar and pepperjack. The taste of the So Delicious is pleasant, and definitely cheezy. There is definitely a hint of the coconut milk that it is made with, but truthfully, the flavor is underwhelming...and it's just not cheezy enough.

I tried to make nachos twice with these shreds. The first time I sprinkled on the cheese over tortillas, and popped it under the broiler. The cheeze did not melt! They are thinner than Daiya and I thought for sure that they would have melted...guess not.

The second time, I decided to pre-melt the cheeze (before going in the oven) by making queso. I added red onion, salsa, spices, and unsweetened non-dairy milk to spice up the shreds. I cooked it over medium heat, but it didn't look like it was fully melting, so I added more milk. It ended up being to thin, and so I had to cook it down for a while. Better than the first try, but still not a great smooth nacho cheeze consistency. Le sigh.

I was not blown away by the taste or melt-iness, but I'm totally willing to try the other flavors (cheddar and mozzerella) in other preparations! I think some people will really like this, especially those that don't like Daiya (and there are a lot of those peeps out there!).

**Btw, Daiya has supposedly repackaged and reformulated their product. In this review, I'm comparing to the old Daiya, because I've yet to have the new! So stay tuned for

Messy nachos