Something I Tried: 9 Rabbits Bakery

I came across 9 Rabbits Bakery in the Koreatown neighborhood of Dallas. This spot is serving up teas, bobas, and traditional Asian baked goods. I didn't expect to find anything vegan because most of the bakery items were light and fluffy from eggs...but I discovered Koyote, a sweet cracker made with sesame and brown sugar.

It's hard to tell from the picture, but this cracker was about 9 inches in diameter. It was $1.75, so that's a great deal for a large dessert or sweet snack. It wasn't flat like what I usually think a cracker is, but instead the top had risen and there was toffee inside. It was a little hard to eat because it was brittle and shards would go everywhere when you cracked a piece off...but boy was it delicious. It was lightly sweet, and my obsession since summer has been putting sesame seeds on everything. I love the nuttiness sesame brings to sweet preparations. This was so, so, good!