Tonight I Dined: Rainbow Coop

Jackson, MS has a co-op health food store with attached vegetarian restaurant called High Noon Cafe that is the only all veg option in the city (to my knowledge). Of course I had to stop on by!

The restaurant has a very small menu with an entree, a grill special and soup. These may or may not be vegan, so be sure to ask. The entree of the day was crab cakes, but I was more interested in the soup and salad bar next door in the co-op. The salad bar was super small, but I really wanted the housemade vegan ranch dressing. That's why you see more dressing than salad in the pic below. The ranch was tangy, herby and savory. It was everything for me. 

The soup of the day was creamy chik'un rice. I love a creamy takes something warming and makes it even more hearty. The soup was delicious wth lots of herbs, chunks of veggies, and large pieces of vegan chicken. It was absolutely slamming, but if I had one criticism it needed a tad more salt. 

Overall, the meal was delicious, and I highly recommend it if you find yourself in Jackson. I must say that, one might get tired of the small selection of rotating options if you lived in Jackson and relied on this as my only vegan restaurant. This capital city does not even have Chipotle. Just saying.