Tonight I Dined: Loving Hut Addison

Loving Hut is a global "chain" of vegan restaurants, and my trip to the location in Addison (a suburb of Dallas) marks the 5th location I've visited! Each hut is run independently, so the menus/pricing/decor vary from place to place. What I  didn't know that I was walking into a lunch buffet situation in Addison...and to be frank, I was not in the mood for stuffing my face. I have to psychologically prepare for that ya know? Anyway, all-you-can-eat challenge accepted.

It was pretty cheap for a buffet price, about half of what the lunch buffet at Pepper Tree in Houston costs. The quality was good and there was a nice selection, although they didn't always have a refill ready to go, and some stations sat vacant once they were finished off. The highlights of my meal included crispy soy balls in a tangy sauce, green beans and pandan cake! I have always wanted to try pandan, a flavor prominent in Southeast Asian desserts and derived from leaves. It was such a unique flavor, and while it's unlike anything I've had before, it reminded me of vanilla and coconut.

Overall, if I lived near here I would be hitting up the lunch buffet on the reg. Lots of solid tasty options, cheap, and all vegan, of course!