Tonight I Dined: Sofrito Bar

In the Poble Sec neighborhood of Barcelona, known for its bar scene, is a bar-restaurant that has some labelled vegan options! The Sofrito Bar is serving up Latin food favorites and plenty of cerveza. I ordered patacones/tostones (plantain fritters) with guacamole, roasted veggies, and salsa. My hopes were high for my second taste of guacamole in Spain since Pura Vida in Madrid perfected the art of smashing avocados. However, there was no acid in this guac (I should start carrying around my own limes...). And the entire dish was screaming for salt. The tostones were amazing, but don't have much taste on their own. The salsa was a nice compliment, but mas sal por favor!!!! This was not my favorite dish on my trip, but I always applaud an establishment that is inclusive to the vegan community!

Since Sofrito Bar is a, ahem, bar...the lighting at night was dim. Here's the pic of my noms nontheless!